Consolidated data, better analytics.

Track all your marketing campaigns.

Identify your best traffic sources.

Gather actionable data

For better decisions.

With Unify Analytics, you can stop relying on guesswork or incomplete reports. Know exactly which marketing sources are profitable and which ones aren't.

Add tracking links to your social media messages, PPC ads, banner ads, blog posts, email campaigns, and press releases for a full overview of your marketing successes and failures.

Analyze ROI

For better results.

Filter your leads by channel, source, or campaign and see which campaigns are most profitable, how many clients have been converted, and how much revenue has been generated.

To help your company grow, you must understand where your leads and opportunities are coming from. With Odoo Link Tracker, you can assess each of your campaign’s return on investment (ROI).

Automatically add a tracking code to all the links within the email body. Evaluate the performance of your campaigns.

How does it work ?

No software / No code.

Create your tracking link

Share the page you want to track by creating a short link that includes analytics trackers. Fill in the campaign, medium, and source tags.

Launch campaign

Insert your link into your content and share it on your desired channel. When users click your custom link, information will be captured and displayed on your Analytics dashboard.

Gain insights

Identify which links are the most effective in attracting visitors to your website. Compare the performance of several sources and improve your marketing strategy.


Track all your marketing sources

  • Channels - Track links from any type of ad - emails, banner ads, blog posts, social media posts, affiliate links, etc.
  • Tracking code - Set up specific tags for your tracked URL in order to customize your parameters:
    • Campaign - defines the context of your link (e.g. the name of the event or the special promotion you want to boost)
    • Medium - defines the medium used to share your link (e.g. an email or a Facebook ad)
    • Source - defines the source from which your traffic will come from (e.g. Google or Twitter)
  • URL Customization & 301 redirect - Rewrite your tracking code for a more professional URL. A 301 redirect will automatically link to the original URL.
  • Automatic 301 redirects - When clicking on a trackable link, your personalized URL is automatically redirected to your destination URL thanks to 301 redirects.
  • Store to clipboard - Store your trackable link to your clipboard to paste it to whichever medium you want.

Identify your best traffic sources

  • Click count - A click count shows how many hits your link received.
  • Popularity - A line graph shows how your link has performed over time.
  • Visitor location - View the countries where the clicks of a given link come from.
  • Statistics breakdown - Over the last week, the last month or all time.
  • Sort all your tracked links - By newest, most clicked or recently used.
  • Performance - Get a complete view of the performance of your tracked links on your dashboard.
  • Easily share on your favorite social networks - Allow your viewers to interact with your content on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn and to engage through comments and ratings. Embed your content in websites, blogs and social media. All in one click.


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